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Early detection of breast cancer is vital for women. The earlier lumps are detected and treated, the better the odds are for overcoming cancer and living life as survivors. Because a woman knows her own body better than anyone else, a monthly self-exam is one of the most important steps in early detection. Our caring staff members take the time to teach women proper techniques for breast self-exams.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

A stereotactic breast biopsy is performed when a mammogram shows a breast abnormality such as:

  • A suspicious solid mass
  • Micro-calcifications, a tiny cluster of small calcium deposits
  • An area of abnormal tissue change

Stereotactic mammography, a special mammography machine, uses ionizing radiation which pin-points the exact location of a breast mass by using a computer and X-rays taken from two different angles. Using these computer coordinates, the radiologist inserts a needle through the skin, advances it into the lesion, and removes tissue samples.

  • American College of Radiology Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Accredited FacilityFlorida Hospital is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR awards accreditation to facilities for the achievement of high practice standards after a peer-review evaluation of its practice. Image quality and procedure evaluations are conducted by board-certified radiologists and medical physicists who are experts in the field. The program also evaluates personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance programs. All findings are reported to the practice via a comprehensive report that includes recommendations for improvement.

    When you choose an ACR-accredited facility, you know:

    • Your hospital, clinic or health center has voluntarily gone through a rigorous review process to be sure it meets nationally-accepted standards.
    • The personnel are well qualified, through education and certification, to perform and interpret your medical images and administer your radiation therapy treatments.
    • The equipment is appropriate for the test or treatment you will receive, and the facility meets or exceeds quality assurance and safety guidelines.
    • The facility meets or exceeds quality assurance and safety guidelines.